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Dear Colleagues,

I have the great pleasure in inviting you to the 15th International Symposium on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Disease (ISVHLD) to be held from June 26th to 28th, 2015, in Berlin, Germany.

ISVHLD has a long tradition of 43 years. Initially, it focused on the discovery of the hepatitis viruses, then on the development of diagnostic procedures and vaccines as well as on understanding the pathophysiology. Today, therapies have become the focus of research and in 2015 many of the new direct antiviral agents (DAAs) against hepatitis C will be approved. Public Health becomes increasingly important. Identification of patients in need of therapy is a major challenge to make these new therapies accessible to all parts of the world. Furthermore, we still need to develop better and finite therapies for hepatitis B and need to address many more burning issues of global relevance like hepatitis D and E.


Call for Abstracts

The scientific committee invites authors to submit their abstracts for consideration and inclusion in the program.
Scientific Program

Download the preliminary program and start planning now.

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